Darren Reynolds, Painter & Printmaker


Darren studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University from 1994-97 before going onto Salford to complete an MA in Creative Technology. After leaving he worked in new media on websites and multimedia projects. In recent years he has returned fully committed to art. As well as rediscovering painting, in 2012 he began printmaking. Etching immediately appealed as he could explore his developing interest in line combined with the more painterly approaches the process affords.

Darren’s subjects are usually drawn from his environment. He regularly travels in Europe and feels compelled to capture something of any place he visits and make it his own. As well as travelling for inspiration he draws upon the area of Yorkshire in which he lives. He is  interested in nature and urban interaction, the use of negative space and arrangement of elements to create a formal equilibrium – Trees frame streets, buildings form a still life and nature creates abstract shapes.



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