Enough House, Drypoint

More drypoints inspired by our time in Bradford On Avon. There were a lot of ‘Dickensian houses’ with overgrown gardens and woods that caught my attention. This one was a house we passed on walking into the Town. It had lots of atmosphere.

Enough House

Enough House, Drypoint 2013

I have more drypoints to post. I am attracted to drypoints and etching in different ways. I love the directness of Drypoints and the quality of the line: as well as the mark making itself. I find the waxy surface of etching ground too slippery, whereas with a Drypoint you can really dig into the plate. Or you can barely scratch the surface for subtler lines. What I like about etching is the painterly qualities you can bring, especially with soft ground. My ideal would be to combine drypoint and soft ground etching but they really need different kinds of plates. For Drypoint I use Aluminium, for etching, Zinc.


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