Trees Tachisme & Silver Birches Etchings

These two etching have a touch of hand colouring applied after printing, both involving gouache. I also applied a rollover of relief ink before printing so that there weren’t any white areas until I touched them up using a brush. The Tachisme one is probably the first of a series of prints in which the structure of trees creates an overall surface of intersecting lines with areas of light or colour appearing between the network of branches. I have worked on watercolour and gouache pieces in a similar vein also.

Tree Tachisme Etching

Tree Tachisme, Etching with Hand Colouring

The Silver Birch is one of my favourite trees. They often seem quite luminous and evoke a haunting atmosphere. My tree etching and paintings usually include trees as darker elements against a lighter background, but Silver Birch trees call for a different approach, emphasising their seemingly internal glow.

Silver Birches Etching

Silver Birches Etching with Hand Colouring

Both of the above etchings can be bought from my Etsy page or directly from me.


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