Blue Trees at Avebury Etching

During our stay in the Cotswolds this August we paid a visit to Avebury, place of neolithic stones that look like rabbits. Or at least one does, according to Kirsty, who used to see it as she was driven to school when she lived in Swindon.

Blue Trees at Avebury, Etching

Blue Trees at Avebury, Soft & Hard Ground Etching

Of course, rather than looking to the stones for inspiration, a few trees caught my eye. Blue trees because they’re in shadow and I always see (or imagine) shadow as blue. This is printed with Prussian Blue ink on Fabriano Rosaspina Ivory paper. It’s off-white, slightly creamy. I’m currently using that and Fabriano Rosaspina White for my etchings.

It is mainly soft ground but a bit of hard ground was done initially. One of the etchings I’m currently working on is purely soft ground. I’m developing my own way of working using soft ground and a lot of stop-out varnish!


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