In need of a studio

Having returned to painting a bit over a year ago I’m now looking at getting a studio. Working in the attic is very restrictive, especially as regards having numerous paintings on the go, work around me to inspire and remind me what I’m up to! Besides, I keep banging my head on the eaves.

I have, however, managed to produce some work within these confines. I’ve been working with mainly acrylic on wood panel, sometimes with collage (mainly newspaper) but more recently not. They’re often based on drawings from places I’ve visited and occasionally feature trees… Okay, nearly always. I’ve become obsessed with tress as compositional elements and at the negative spaces they create. I like looking between them to see glimpses of towns, cities, windows. I supposed they could be seen as voyeuristic in some way. I don’t spend all my time hiding behind trees looking at windows, honest!

This is one of my paintings inspired by a trip to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Trees, Acrylic on Panel

As well as my painting, this blog will show my Prints. During my painting degree I did a couple of drypoints that I enjoyed and was pleased with. It only took me about 19 years to develop my interest! I’ve been making etching and drypoints recently. This is a drypoint based on the painting above. The keen among you will notice I didn’t reverse the image when drawing on the plate. I don’t think this matters unless it has some topographical significance, includes text or similar, or you’ve made a painting of the same composition perhaps!

Edinburgh Trees, Drypoint


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